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Inspired Experiences - Groups

So much can be learnt from interacting with others which is why we provide a range of fun and interactive groups throughout the year!

Emotion Masters - Dive into

a journey where participants

explore, express, and

embrace their feelings,

fostering emotional

intelligence through fun

activities and supportive


Cafe Creations - Ready to

become an entrepreneur?

Through immersion in the cafe

experience, participants will

learn the fundamentals of money

management, budgeting, food

preparation, customer service,

and teamwork.

Science Experiment -

Ready to be a scientist?

Participants will be

encouraged to be curious,

problem solve, be creative,

build their confidence,

engage socially and be a

team player all while learning

everything science!

Colour Creations - Explore the

immense world of art! For the younger participants, expect sensory exploration and plenty of opportunities for art creation while working on important developmental skills. For

older participants, think clay

sculptures, sketching clothing

designs, graffiti and more!

Beat Boxing - Groove to the

rhythm of mouth-made music!

Check out this snippet: "Boots

and cats and boots and cats and

pf-pf-pf-ch-boom-boom-ts-ts-ts!". Participants get the chance

to learn all about beatboxing,

while working on important

speech, sensory, cognitive and

social skills!

Literacy - Dive into the

world of literacy! With two

age groups to choose from,

participants have the

opportunity to work on their

reading, writing, and

spelling skills in a supportive


Music Band - Ready for

another "School of Rock"?

Participants will have the

opportunity to learn an

instrument in a group

environment and play together

as a band. Expect an end of

group performance!

Music and Movement - Let's

dance into the rhythm of fun! Our

music and movement group invites

participants to groove, sway, and

explore the world of music through

joyful movement. From lively beats

to soothing melodies, this

interactive experience enhances

coordination, spatial awareness,

social interaction, and emotional


Teen Recreation - Let's ignite the

spirit of adventure! Our teen

recreation group offers a dynamic

space for adolescents to connect,

explore, and thrive through a

variety of engaging activities. From play station adventures to creative endeavours, participants embark on exciting experiences that promote teamwork, problem-

solving, and personal growth.

Social Skills (Using Lego) -

Let's build confidence with

Lego! Participants will have

the opportunity to make

incredible Lego creations

while working on their social,

fine motor, cognitive, and

communication skills.

Infant Music -

Let's harmonise with melodies

and rhythms! In our infant music

group, parents/guardians and

their little ones will engage in

joyful musical activities,

fostering early development of

social, emotional,

communicative, motor, and

cognitive skills.

School Readiness - Let's embark on the journey to school readiness! Our school readiness group is a vibrant learning community where young minds blossom and prepare for the exciting adventure of formal education. Through interactive

activities, playful exploration, and hands- on learning experiences, children develop essential cognitive, social, and emotional

skills needed for a smooth transition to school.

Mini Olympics -

Let's unleash the inner Olympian! Our Mini Olympics group brings the thrill of competition and camaraderie to young athletes, offering a platform for fun, fitness, and friendly competition. Participants engage in a variety of sports and challenges fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical endurance.

Choir - Let's harmonise voices

and hearts! Our choir group

provides a welcoming space for

singers of all levels to come

together and create beautiful

music as one. Through rehearsals

and a performance, members

cultivate vocal skills, musicality,

and a deep appreciation for the

power of collective harmony.

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Baked & No Bake Cooking - Let's

stir up culinary creativity! In our

baked and no-baked cooking

groups, aspiring chefs come

together to explore the delicious

world of food. Whether we're mixing batter for cookies or assembling colourful salads, participants engage in hands-on culinary experiences that encourage experimentation and teamwork.

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