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Inspire Experiences

Inspired Experiences - Groups

Inspired Experiences

So much can be learnt from interacting with others which is why we provide a range of fun and interactive groups throughout the year.


  • Infant Music Experience 

  • School Readiness Experience

  • Music Band Experience (children)

  • Music Band Experience (adults)

  • The Music & Movement Experience (children)

  • Music & Movement Experience (adults)

  • Arts & Craft Experience (children)

  • Art Experience (adults)

  • Social Skills (using Lego) Experience 

  • Social Skills (using boardgames) Experience

  • The Recreation Experience (children)

  • No Bake Cooking Experience

  • Literacy Experience

  • Choir (children)

  • Choir (adults)

  • Beatboxing

  • Mini Olympics

  • Road Safety

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